“Reclaiming Our Bodies”

A One-week Detox Retreat in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica,

July 7-14, 2013


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This summer, immerse yourself in a holistic re-understanding of the most important, dynamic and everlasting relationship you will ever have: your relationship with your body.

I am my body
I feel my body
I move my body
I love my body
I express my body
I see my body
I understand my body

“I sing the body electric” ~Walt Whitman

Through the committed guidance of Holistic Healer, wisdom elder and Mother to Many, Sirena Pellarolo, Ph.D., and her daughter, Intuitive Mind-Body Therapist, Dreamer and Lover of Magic, Paloma Mallmann, MA, you will take a journey into the power of your innermost self to discover the electric body.

In the serene, restful, lush, rustic setting of  Santa Teresa, a sleepy surfers’ paradise at the Southernmost tip of the Nicoya Peninsula on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica (for photos, go here), we will strip away conditionings from the influences of media, loved ones, and society, to reveal our true relationship to our physical form. Experience this freedom through the process of a personalized seven-day live food cleanse, supplemented by physical, emotional, creative, expressive and interactive exercises designed to help you come home to your body temple.

tantrikas en la playaSirena and Paloma ardently believe that anyone can transform their relationship to their body through exploration, understanding and re-membering the wisdom and power that already lies within. After years of spiritual and intellectual exploration, mother and daughter have overcome a turbulent relationship with each other and with their own bodies. Their mission is to honor their lifelong journey and struggle for self-acceptance and self-love by spreading the gifts of transformation through body healing.

Join us in this first of its kind retreat, combining:

Personalized living foods cleanse
Raw food preparation demos
Talking circles
Lectures exploring self-awareness
Individual and group coaching
Chakra work
Dream work
Creative expression exercises
New moon release ceremony

We will explore how patterns, messages and influences that have created an inauthentic relationship with our bodies, contribute to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blockages that are keeping us from being our fullest, most dynamic and expressed selves. Come as you are. Reclaim your Body…Proclaim your identity!

Tentative daily schedule

*Walking meditation in the beach

*Early morning yoga and kirtan

*Meditation and setting of intentions

*Breakfast:  8:30-9:30

*Talking Circle

*Lunch: 12:30-1:30

*Free time for relaxation, extracurricular activities.

*Interactive and personalized learning on self-awareness

*Dinner: 6-7

*Ceremony, visioning, dance, relaxation.

Optional (not included in the retreat price)

*Surfing classes

*Body work


*Colon hydrotherapy

*Horseback riding tours in the jungle


We have chosen Casa Cecilia, a beachfront boutique hotel located in one of the most beautiful beaches of the Nicoya Peninsula, because it is homey, and Don, Pía and Angélica really make you feel at home. It offers all the comforts in a simple and functional way.


Value of the retreat

Double occupancy downstairs rooms: $1,800 per person

Double occupancy upstairs Master Suite: $2,100 per person

Single occupancy: $2,400 per person

Cost includes

  • 7 night occupancy in beautiful beach front rooms
  • Delicious organic plant-based meals, smoothies, juices and raw soups
  • Daily retreat program
  • Pre-retreat orientation
  • Pre-retreat individual health consultation


Special offer until June 10

$2,500 FOR TWO PEOPLE, on a first-come first-serve basis. The offer is limited to the first three pairs of friends or couples who pay in full by June 10. Please don’t wait, because the slots are limited. Make your decision ASAP!


About the retreat co-facilitators

Sirena Pellarolo, Ph.D. is a holistic health coach, food justice activist, raw food educator, radio host and blogger. A retired Professor of Latin American Cultural Studies and a life-long community organizer, she advocates for individual and community autonomy, sustainable, vibrant health, empowering self-reliance and nutritional sovereignty for all. In 2009 she created Viva La Vida, Live Foods for Life, a project committed to spread the basics of a raw food diet in working class communities of color as a means to decolonize our bodies from commercial food and foster the re-membering of healthy lifestyles. The seasonal community cleanses and raw food preparation classes at her ranchito in the Northeast Los Angeles neighborhood of El Sereno offer a Do It Yourself hands-on approach to healing through healthy food choices.

As a compassionate, down-to-earth and experienced healer, Dr. Pellarolo supports her clients in the unleashing of their hidden potentials hiding behind apparent health challenges. Her health coaching programs support individuals in reconnecting with their bodies, minds and spirits by going back to the basics of a healthy lifestyle: a personal daily regimen of nutritious food, physical movement and a meaningful spiritual practice. Her coaching practice integrates many different areas of interest and expertise. Her twenty five years in higher education provide the skills for successful participatory teaching and learning, creative research and self-motivation. As a community organizer, youth mentor and trusted influential leader, she bridges her knowledge with that of a population eager to start rethinking their nutritional habits and lifestyle in order to take charge of their bodies, minds and spirits. The eleven years exploring raw and live foods, detoxifications and cleanses resulted in her vibrant re-activation, and her life-long spiritual quest and practices an understanding that, as energetic beings, transformative healing occurs only when our mind-body-spirit connection is addressed.

Please visit her holistic health coaching website, www.vivamivida.com, her blog on raw food and detoxifications, livefoods4life.com, and her radio shows at https://soundcloud.com/sirena-pellarolo

Paloma Mallmann, MA.

Paloma, meaning “dove” in Spanish, was given her name when her mother was surrounded by doves throughout her pregnancy, bringing a message to spread peace and healing to the world. Paloma is a Psychotherapist Intern working with children and their families. Feeling a kindred connection with kids, Paloma maintains her inner sense of wonder and magic and is inspired helping people of all ages to reconnect with forgotten internal vitality, imagination and joy. After several yoga teacher trainings and teaching yoga to both children and adults, Paloma has found that these qualities are most quickly accessed through the body. Paloma enjoys inspiring others to access their “body-mind” to increase self-knowledge, compassion and empowerment, awakening dormant creativity and power. Paloma has also studied and practiced clinical application of dream work, which helps access the subconscious mind by leaving the “ordinary world,” creating a fresh approach to discovering the mysterious messages of the soul.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” -Anais Nin


Sirena 323-352-8970, sirena@vivamivida.com

Paloma 310-869-5573, palomasatya@gmail.com


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