Delicious raw entrées/ deliciosos platos de comida viva


Dehydrated Onion bread
1 cup of fermented rye (left over from the preparation of Rejuvelac)
1 cup of left-over veggie pulp from juicing
1 cup of ground flax seeds
1 cup of ground sunflower seeds
3 sliced large yellow onions
½ cup of Nama Shoyu
½ cup of olive oil

Thinly slice or chop the onions. Grind the flax and sunflower seeds and put them in a bowl. Add the rest of the ingredients, including the onions. Mix well with your hands, massaging the mixture. Allow the mix to settle for 30 minutes. You will need a dehydrator for this. (Or you could put the batter in a crock-pot or the oven at a very low temperature). Spread the mix on the Teflex sheets of the dehydrator and dehydrate for 24 hours at 105 degrees, then take out the Teflex sheets and flip over the bread and dehydrate for another 12 hours.

Non-Tuna “cheese”
1 cup raw almonds/cashews or sun flower/pumpkin seeds– soaked overnight with filtered water.
Add ½ cup rejuvelac (or less) to promote the fermentation of the “cheese” and blend.
Add the rest of the ingredients, and mix well:
¼ cup Chopped scallions
2 chopped celery sticks
¼ cup Italian parsley
2 tbsp. kelp
Dulse flakes
1 ½ tbsp. dried dill
Allow the cheese to ferment for several hours in the oven with the pilot on

Kale Salad
Cut the leaves finely and pour a tablespoon of olive oil (massage softly until leaves wilt).
2 tbsp. shitake mushrooms (marinate with raw soy sauce Nama Shoyu) then chop them.
3 chopped garlic cloves.
1 sliced red onion
½ cup cranberries.
1 tbsp. amino acids (Braggs) made with fermented soy beans.

Zucchini Noodles with pesto
Use Spirulator to make the “spaghetti.”
2 green zucchini
For the pesto, blend:
4 cloves garlic
2 bunches cilantro or basil
1 tbsp. amino acid
1/3 cup olive oil
A handful of pine nuts
Mix zucchini noodles with pesto
Add nutritional yeast or rice parmegian

Pan de cebollas deshidratado
1 taza de centeno fermentado (que sobró de la preparación del Rejuvelac)
1 taza de la pulpa de los vegetales que sobraron de los jugos verdes
1 taza de semillas de lino molidas
1 taza de semillas de girasol molidas
3 cebollas amarillas en rodajas finas o picadas
½ taza de Nama Shoyu (salsa de soya cruda)
½ taza de aceite de olive
Picar las cebollas o cortarlas en rodajas finas. Moler las semillas y ponerlas en un bol. Agregar el resto de los ingredientes e incluir las cebollas. Mezclar bien con las manos, masajeando la masa. Dejarla fuera del refrigerador para que se asiente por 30 minutos. Va a necesitar un deshidratador, o quizás se puede poner la masa en un crock-pot o el horno a temperatura muy baja. Ponga la masa en los estantes del deshidratador, sobre las hojas de Teflex por 24 horas, después saque el Teflex y dé vuelta la masa y deshidrate por otras 12 horas.

“Queso” de “atún”
1 taza de almendras o cajus crudas o de semillas de girasol o de calabaza remojadas en agua filtrada por una noche.
Agregue una taza de rejuvelac para promover la fermentación del “queso” y ponga a licuar en la licuadora.
Agregue el resto de los ingredients y mezcle bien.
¼ de taza de cebollitas picadas
2 bastoncitos de apio picados
¼ de taza de perejil italiano
2 cucharaditas de kelp
½ taza de copos de dulse
1 ½ cucharadita de eneldo seco
Dejar reposar en el horno con el piloto encendido por unas horas para que el “queso” fermente

Ensalada de Kale (col frizada)
Corte las hojas bien finas y agregue una cucharada de aceite de olive (masaje suavemente hasta que las hojas se ablanden).
2 cucharadas de hongos shitake previamente marinades en salsa de soya cruda, después, corte en rodajas.
3 dientes de ajo picados
1 cebolla roja cortada en rodajas finas
½ taza de arándanos
1 cucharadita de Braggas aminoácidos de soya fermentada.
Mezcle bien y coma

Fideos de calabaza verde con pesto
Use el “Spirilator” para hacer los “spaghetti.”
2 calabazas zucchini
Para el pesto, licuar:
4 dientes de ajo
2 ataditos de cilantro o albahaca
1 cucharadita de Braggs
1/3 taza de aceite de oliva
1 puñado de pinholes
Mezclar los “fideos” con el pesto
Agregar la levadura nutricional o el parmegiano de arroz


About Viva la Vida! Live Foods For Life

Sirena Pellarolo, Ph.D.--your second chance midwife--, supports women in their menopause years to reclaim their power from received beliefs about aging, recover their physical, mental and spiritual mastery and dive full-on into a vibrantly healthy, productive and fulfilled second half of their lives. She specializes in weight management through life-changing programs that include DIY detoxifications, live foods and powerful transformational techniques. Sirena believes in autonomous and healthy individuals and communities. As a holistic healer, she models for her clients how to courageously step center-stage in their lives by unleashing their unique personal power, creative self-expression and overall well being. Her bilingual programs inspire individuals to reconnect with their bodies, minds and spirits by going back to the basics of a healthy lifestyle: a personalized nutrient-rich diet, energizing physical movement and a meaningful spiritual practice. The seasonal community cleanses and raw food preparation classes that she has been hosting for several years offer a Do It Yourself hands-on approach to healing through nutrient-dense, plant-based choices. She is currently working on a manuscript that captures this experience titled “Detoxing Our Communities: Using Food As Medicine for a Quantum Grassroots Transformation.” She is a compelling public speaker offering wellness seminars in English and Spanish.

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