Viva mi Vida! Holistic Health Counseling


As an off-shoot of Viva la Vida! Live Foods for Life, I am excited to introduce now Viva mi Vida!, my holistic health counseling practice, that promotes sustainable, vibrant health, empowering self-reliance and nutritional sovereignty for all. As an advocate for individual and community autonomy, I’m committed to share my experience and partner in a cooperative inquiry with members of my Chican@/ Latin@ communities to facilitate the re-membering of healthy lifestyles.

This practice allows me to integrate so many different areas of interest and expertise that I have developed during my life! My twenty five years  in higher education have given me the skills for successful participatory teaching and learning, creative research and self-motivation. My experience as a community organizer and youth mentor has taught me how to communicate effectively with a population that is eager to start rethinking their nutritional habits and lifestyle in order to take charge of their bodies, minds and spirits. My ten years exploring a raw food diet, detoxifications and cleanses and the resulting vibrant activation of my being, and my life-long spiritual quest and practices offer me the understanding that, as energetic beings, transformative healing occurs only when we address our mind-body-spirit connection.

I offer bilingual private and group coaching programs, a variety of seminars and workshops on raw food preparation, community cleanses and detoxifications, and holistic health consultant services.


About Viva la Vida! Live Foods For Life

Sirena Pellarolo, Ph.D.--your second chance midwife--, supports women in their menopause years to reclaim their power from received beliefs about aging, recover their physical, mental and spiritual mastery and dive full-on into a vibrantly healthy, productive and fulfilled second half of their lives. She specializes in weight management through life-changing programs that include DIY detoxifications, live foods and powerful transformational techniques. Sirena believes in autonomous and healthy individuals and communities. As a holistic healer, she models for her clients how to courageously step center-stage in their lives by unleashing their unique personal power, creative self-expression and overall well being. Her bilingual programs inspire individuals to reconnect with their bodies, minds and spirits by going back to the basics of a healthy lifestyle: a personalized nutrient-rich diet, energizing physical movement and a meaningful spiritual practice. The seasonal community cleanses and raw food preparation classes that she has been hosting for several years offer a Do It Yourself hands-on approach to healing through nutrient-dense, plant-based choices. She is currently working on a manuscript that captures this experience titled “Detoxing Our Communities: Using Food As Medicine for a Quantum Grassroots Transformation.” She is a compelling public speaker offering wellness seminars in English and Spanish.

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